About Us:

The UofMX is a philanthropic, non-profit organization based out of Brush Prairie, Washington. We provide much needed and well-deserved support to Professional Motocross Privateers. Our Founders & Staff are born compassionate, humanitarians who work hard and generously give out of their own pockets, for love of the sport. Their true wish is to help Privateers achieve their dreams.

Whether it’s fixing bikes for free, purchasing bikes, providing parts, paying for licenses/entry/race fees, helping with administrative duties, or arranging and paying for travel expenses, the UofMX is there to assist any way they can. They strive to help their Privateers earn a full team ride, and/or any other sponsors willing to provide support.

In 2017, we created a limited Amateur program to sponsor promising talent.  We believe these kids have the abilities to become outstanding Pro’s.

We look for riders whose performance on-track matches their off-track lifestyle, personality and attitude. While UofMX teammates obviously have extreme love of the sport and each other, they must also show consistent good sportsmanship, live a healthy, drug-free lifestyle, and participate in giving back to the motocross community by volunteering/coaching young riders when needed.

Should you ever feel so inclined to make a donation to your favorite UofMX rider, please click the button below.